Products Milestone

Year Type of Product Introduced
1973 Start production for PVC Cables up to 6 kV
1974 PE Solid Telephone Cables up to 1200 pairs
1977 FlexibleCables and Wire-harness for automotive
1982 XLPE Insulated Cables 1 kV
1987 PCM Cables for junction network
1989 XLPE Insulated Cables up to 36 kV using Silane Based XLPE (monosil process)
1990 PE Foam-skin Telephone Cables up to 2400 pairs
1993 XLPE Insulated Cables up to 36 kV using peroxide based XLPE ( CCV - Line Process / Dry Cure Process)
1995 Copper, Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Rods production
1996 Lead Sheathed Power Cables up to 36 kV
1999 3200 pairs PE Foam-skin Telephone Cables
2000 Flame Retardant Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables
2001 LV Fire Resistant Cables
2002 Instrument Cables, Thermal Aluminium Alloy
2003 MV Fire Resistant Cables (up to 10kV)
2004 Lead Sheathed Flame Retardant cat. A MV Cables (up to 30kV)
2005 Nylon Jacketed Cables
2006 Thermocouple Extension Cable
2006 EPR Cables
2007 Aluminium Alloy Type 1120
2008 Aluminium Solid Sector Conductor
2009 ACCC / TW (Aluminium Conductor Composite Core / Trapezoidal Wire)