Standar Telecom Cables

Specification Description
Indonesia PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk
STEL K-007 Jelly Filled Armored Cables
STEL K-001-V.2-1998 Self Supporting Aerial Cables
STEL QA-K.020-1996 Jelly Filled Armored Foam-Skin
STEL QA-K.021-1996 Jelly Filled Ducted Foam-Skin
STEL K-004 Overhead Drop Wire
STEL K-xxx, SII Other Telecom Cables
Cyprus Cyprus Telecommunication Authority
International Tender Cable Polyethylene Twin Filled
CYTA T.31/1998 Cable Polyethylene Twin Filled - Armored
CYTA T.97/1998 Cable Polyethylene Twin Filled - Aerial
CYTA T.54/1999 Cable Polyethylene Twin Un-Filled
Yemen Public Telecommunication Corporation
MAT-001A Primary Cables
MAT-001B Secondary Cables
MAT-003 Aerial Cables
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Telecom Limited
International Tender Non-Armored Polyethylene Jelly Filled Tel. Cables
No. F/98034/LSSC/428 Armored Polyethylene Jelly Filled Tel. Cables

Self-Supporting Aerial Cables

Terminating Cables
Pakistan Pakistan Telecommunication Co. Ltd.
LW - 32H Primary Local Cables
LW - 33H Secondary Local Cables
LW - 34H Self-Supporting Local Cables
LW - 36H PVC Indoor Cables
LW - 40H Drop Wire for outdoor installation
LW - 12H Lead-in Cables, light armored
LW - 49H Jumper Wires
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone
MAT-1011 Polyethylene Insulated Air Core Cable
MAT-ST1101 Cellular Polyethylene Insulated Filled Cable
MAT-1201 Aerial Cable
MAT-1301 Buried Service Wire
MAT-ST1401 Indoor Cable
Dubai - U.A.E. Emirates Telecommunication Corporation
CS - 1 Cable Polyethylene Unit Twin (Fully-Filled)
CS - 2 Cable Polyethylene Unit Twin (Air-Spaced)
CS - 1 & CS - 4 Cable Aerial Self-Supporting
CS - 1 & CS - 8 Cable Armored
CS - 7 Cable Polyethylene Unit Twin - Solid Insulation
CS - 13 Wire Jumper
Nepal Nepal Telecommunication Authority
International Tender Self Supporting Aerial Cable
No. IDA/V/22 & 25, 1998 Foam Skin Duct Cable
Other Countries Philippines, Singapore, Egypt, Macedonia, Russia, Togo, Jordan, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Australia, ASTM/REA, etc.